Thank You Marilyn King

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Thank You Marilyn King

Post by Lena.. on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:43 pm

Wish I was a good enough writer to be able to talk about how yesterday was so slow paced in a way that wud be slow paced .Symbolically the day was like dripping syrup , as expected the whole town slowed down as the day went by .The warmer summer like weather added to it all .Like so often in summer moi was also barefoot most of the day , taking my shoes off in class and not putting them back on until getting off the elevator in the lobby of the hotel .Left me with a pair of black soles but so what ? They were my my own little small symbolic way of asserting my independence & individuality in the corporate world. Laughing And also unlike some hideous tattoos I've seen the dirt can be washed off. Very Happy

Made it to my class that was cut in half by the school closing .Of the 26 people in it a huge total of 12 of us bothered to show up . The instructor laffed about it and gave what amounted to a 10 minute lecture with the rest of the time being devoted to a review of what we've done so far and as if to reward us for showing up info on what the final exam wud be about . Very Happy Some chit chat to about what everyone is doing for the holiday ..........getting together with your people & eating ham seemed to be on every one's list .After class finished took a short nap in the school's library , the place was very quiet since nobody was around .

Work was dull right up until the very end when some celebrity guests and there entourage came in bringing excitement & glamour for a few minutes. After 4PM I was the only manager on site except for Shevron the executive chef (more on him ahead ) and the always there Rich whose acting Food & Beverage manager whose too dedicated for his own good . Wasn't much to do so I was often in my mini converted closet of an office looking at info from the corporation on the machine and reading about what 's going on in the hospitality industry .Also made several tours around the building visiting all the departments ...............

Since the place was so slow nobody was really working all that hard , not even the illegal aliens in Housekeeping but who to there credit seemed to be looking for something to do .As usual the Securitys were either walking around looking busy or bored waiting for some trouble to liven up there nite .........................

The front desk was a giant gabfest with the 3 clerks were caught up in chitter chatter among themselves about music, the clubs,and being superficial airheads ................OK I made the last one up Laughing . Cody took one shoe off to show everyone the new tattoo on on her foot of Chinese writing that said 'LOVE & FRIENDSHIP ' which for a few seconds gave me the idea of taking of one of my shoes and showing off my thoroughly black sole but in the end didn't .Am the boss & as hard as it often is have to keep my dignity Laughing Actually some serious talks about an upcoming new computer program to check guests in and out.One of them is going to have to eventually walk computer dullard me thru it since I will have to know how it works .

In the kitchen executive chef Shevron was fuming ( I swear he was hotter then any of the ovens ) since the general manager wudn't let him leave yesterday to visit his people in South Carolina for the holiday .Now has to go today instead and on a god awful early flight . Do admit it was fun seing that egomaniac and bully so upset . Laughing

Some talking too .Caught Siobhan just before she left .............really looking forward to her first holiday with her new hubby and with all of them being together as a family .Also as much as she loves her mom think she will be happy when the old girl goes back to Ireland .Many many reasons why ..........she's always bickering with her younger sister whose here being the nanny (Siobhan says it was always that way back home too Laughing ) and is driving Siobhan and her hubby crazy with smoking / being so opinionated/ drinking /and obsessed about the Catholic church .The latest thing was trying to take charge of the sunday dinner .I'd have killed her by now Laughing . Siobhan was good enough to invite us over but have to work and then head to Karins' uncles for there dinner....................

Security 'The Rev " showed non religious me the sermon he's delivering at his store front church this sunday, full of hell fire & brimstone . Eeeck ! .Later was grief counselor to my amigo chef New York Rick ................the poor guy Sad .Right out of the clear blue sky his bf dropped him . He's this real horrible mix of being sad and confused about why it happened .Mostly I just listened but left him with what I see as very encouraging idea that if a wreck like me can find someone anyone can find someone !

After midnite CELTIC WOMEN group & company came in , there with us for a few nites doing gigs here in town . What a contrast , one minute your looking at a huge empty lobby that seems more like a furniture warehouse then hotel and the next thing come in this group of gorgeous very thin women with assorted mix of Securitys , pr people , and and staff. really is like a tidal wave of glamour and energy . And it lasts a huge maybe 5 minutes then your back in the middle of a furniture warehouse ! Laughing

No school today so can use the time to catch up on what I missed while away . Now in a white T & jean cut offs. Head out into work in my purple pant suit and liter purple blouse along with nude knee hi's and purple heels .


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Re: Thank You Marilyn King

Post by Lena.. on Sun Jan 25, 2015 10:47 pm

90 hits yesterday .................... Surprised Was it because it was a sunday when there weren't that many other new posts to read or because I wrote about having sex with Kyra while a guy beat off over us ? Laughing

Either way hope everyone liked the post and thanxs for taking the time to read it . Very Happy The orgy post will be tomorrow or Wednesday . Have already tried to get it up but once was stopped by having to answer the phone and the other time since the memory got me so hot I had to go get SENOR dildos:lol:

Yesterday went pretty fast , all since it was pretty busy .No sooner had I walked out the front door then it seemed I was back home getting undressed for bed.We slept good too .That certain person next to me and blankets kept moi very comfy . Very Happy

Did indeed go to the Catholic mass with my gf & her family .Baby sister Diane and her 3 kids ( a toddler, baby and man child husband Matt ) missed it but the folks along with her brother Phil and his wife & 3 kids were all there. Everyone was all dressed up and happy .Even Diane Sr.who is never really all that relaxed let alone happy was smiling for awhile Surprised . The church was packed with other well dressed people , including many women in white hats . Catholic masses are there own worlds, everyone seemed to know when to sit/ stand /kneel /what to say .Like about every religions services I have ever been at the priest in his white robe said general things about being a good person . At the end led a procession down the aisle that really had me thinking I had indeed been at fancy service.

His words about trying to be a good person my have sounded real cliche but still stuck in my head . Karin could pick my mood up to and started dropping hints about converting .That wud be a huge process since nobody can become one of the Catholics overnite and wud cause a huge uproar in my family since there Roma church is the most evil institution on earth to them . .Although that wud be fun since it wud annoy them soooooooooooooooo much Laughing . But like other things like getting into AA and going sober am not ready yet . Karin sure has hope though .............. Very Happy

Work was actually nice. A great mood was in the air and the special holiday dinner drew alot of business but not so much that we were overwhelmed .Plenty of happy people including many families which is alwasy great to see . One couple there were eating very little as everyone around them devoured huge portions of ham and lamb . Heard them explain how they had couldn't even think about eating after being at a huge Greek Orthodox holiday dinner last nite that went on till 4AM . Gave some thought to getting them a bottle of Pepto Bismal !

With executive chef Shevron at his familys in South Carolina Sous Chef Carlos was in charge . An amazing guy , a big heavy set black guy who looks more like a wrestler then cook .Is about 55 , a retired army master sergeant who years ago was boxing champ of American soldiers in Europe. Best not to complain about his cooking !!! More then one person has noted how executive chef Shevron bullies everyone in the kitchen EXCEPT Carlos. Shevron may be a dick but is no suicidal fool......... Laughing Cassady was working the bar , looked very good . She keeps saying that her life really improved after she went back to drinking & smoking and seeing how attractive she looks as well as how much more calm she is............... you can't argue with that ! Better living thru decadence ! Laughing Front desk manager Ed was working too, obviously annoyed I was on site handling things since he loves being in charge on sundays ........too bad, so sad .Laughing Met manager trainee Martine 's parents who were visiting , nice people down from Maryland . Although he may not like me have to hand it to Ed for giving them a suite during there stay .

Later went by my gf's uncles or sort of uncle...... he's not really a uncle but a first cousin who has always been close to her dad since they were childrens .Most of the food was gone but it didn't mater since I ate at work , instead happily dined on 2 glasses of Merlot Very Happy . People were starting to head home too . Was interesting to hear thats Karin's auntie Leigh is going back to school to become a therapist , all the more intersting since she's deep into her 40's .Her husband who owns part of a car lot was relieved people are starting to buy cars again , I wud be too in his place ! . Did see cousin Cate who is still an idiot and also 4 months pregnant by her unemployed high school drop out bf ( who has several kids with several other girls ............not even I ever stooped so low ) whose major goal in life is to get into the El Rukns gang . Her older half -sisters Dawn and Lauren weren't being too nice either , acting real snide and sarcastic about Cate being preggers .As big a fool as Cate is couldn't help but feel sorry for her taking that abuse Rolling Eyes .

No surprise after getting back home after being awake for 24 hours Karin almost immediately fell asleep .Moi went into the kitchen to make a Bloody Mary and talking away came back into the living room a few minutes later to find my beloved sound asleep.So put down my drink and got her into bed .After multi tasking checking in here & finishing my drink was soon asleep myself ................. Very Happy

Work place meeting today then free time Very Happy .In a cranberry red cashmere cardigan sweater and matching crew neck top from THE MARILYN KING COLLECTION .Also a black pencil skirt & very tight off black support pantyhose and black heels.Later plan to change into a much more comfy navy blue T and green cami pants .


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